Introducing Dad

What does it mean to be a dad? For me, it changes frequently – moment to moment. It’s a whirlwind of emotions I was never equipped to handle. ‘Me man, me make jokes and buy wine and chocolate. You woman, you nurse baby while husband drink wine.’ It was all going to be so simple. Baby eat. Baby laugh. Baby poo. Baby cry. Baby sleep, baby sleep! I was such a fool. I miss that guy.

Is it so much to want a holiday with The Wife, all smiley – afternoon cocktaily, lounging in the sun while trying not to peek at the crossword answers? That ain’t happening. Not for a long time. So I do this, I write – sometimes it’s serious but mainly, I try to make light on this life because otherwise… ha ha ha ha what’s the point! Through writing I’m learning more about what it means to be a dad. A big softy one minute – the fun police the next. Who have I become? I’ll let you know as we begin…